Why HairNet?


HairNet is creating the worlds first of its kind peer to peer network for human hair wigs and other products like hair extensions. HairNet will equip the industry with Smart Hair technology providing regulators and consumers with a new level of transparency and quality assurance at the point of sale.

HairNet achieves this by:

1. Working with humane hair harvesting suppliers. 

2. Educating customers digitally on the type of hair, quality verification of hair, chemical processing of hair, and shelf life of hair; at the point of sale.

3. Increase Customer Knowledge and Buying Power while concurrently reducing price gouging, misleading sales tactics, and scams in the market.

4. Provide end-to-end supply chain transparency.

5. Create a global peer to peer network for the human hair wigs and hair extensions industry.

6. Increase customer engagement and retention.

Current Hair Industry Problems.


Purchasing human hair wigs and hair extensions online can be a costly experience when you don't have a consistent and reliable supplier. Even when buying hair at your neighborhood hair supply store the information on your purchase can be vague and inconsistent. Sales associates lacking product information combined with sales goals lead to uneducated purchases often followed with buyers remorse. With HairNet and Smart Hair Technology these costly mistakes are a thing of the past. 

Smart Hair. New Standards.


HairNet is the worlds first Smart Hair human hair wigs and extensions app powered by blockchain. Our top priority is to create a better hair industry, for customers and hair suppliers. This is achieved by creating a transparent supply chain process, increasing customer product knowledge at the point of sale, increasing customer engagement/retention, and developing the worlds first peer to peer global network for human hair wigs and hair extensions for buyers and sellers.

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